Spiced Apple Cider Old Fashioned

Apple Cider Old Fashioned by Natalie Paramore

Happy almost Thanksgiving! It’s the most dysfunctional time of year! Hahah we have a sign that says that in the restaurant that I work at and it couldn’t be more fitting. It literally made me laugh out loud the first time I saw it, so I had to share. Between the travel, good tasting but not necessarily good for you food and crazy families, I think it is about time for a cocktail, what do you say? Earlier this fall I had the opportunity to go attend a whiskey and moonshine tasting from an old local Austinite turned Asheville, NC resident Troy Ball. She is as interesting as she is beautiful and has such a captivating story. She went from being a full-time mom for two special needs sons to being a whiskey maker, how cool is that? I love that her story is all about family making sacrifices but still going after her dreams of doing something creative and special in her life. Plus, it just goes to show that it is never too late to follow your dreams and she did it all and had a family too. So inspiring for many young people who are trying to figure it all out and find some balance in between.

Apple Cider Ice Ball Old Fashioned by Natalie Paramore

Troy & Sons makes small batch whiskey and moonshine in the heart of North Carolina. Troy and her family started out in Austin but moved to Asheville after sons suffered from terrible allergies, can’t we all relate to that. She became interested in making her own moonshine after neighbors and friends kept giving her bottles as little gifts and thanks yous. She spent time with locals learning the craft and then started Asheville Distilling. At the tasting as she told her story, we tasted through many of her liquors. I was especially enjoyed the Blonde Whiskey. It is tagged as a Kinder Spirit, and it really is. It is smooth and buttery and oh so drinkable. I love old fashioned, so I was thrilled when Troy & Sons sent me a bottle to try out at home. I decide to take a riff on the iceball that we make at work and try my hand with an at-home version. I used the exact same molds we have at the restaurant because my roommate’s boyfriend actually left a few at our house so I took advantage of them! Thanks Ben! (There is an affiliate link below so you can order them too!) The process was really simple, I just used some good ingredients and let them do the talking.  I thought the spiced apple cider was great for this time of year. Do not get apple juice and make sure that the cider is unfiltered. It should be kind of cloudy and need to be shaken before poured.

Apple Cider Iceball Cocktail by Natalie Paramore


You’ll need:

Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey or your favorite whiskey

Spiced Apple Cider

Orange Peels

Cinnamon Sticks

Maraschino or fancy Luxardo Cheeries

Ice Cubes Molds (I used these ones)

Troy and Sons Blonde Whiskey Old Fashioned


Apple Cider Iceball Old Fashioned by Natalie Paramore


How to Make an Apple Cider Old Fashioned by Natalie Paramore

Freeze the iceballs overnight if you have time. Gently run the molds under warm water then twist and ta-da! perfect iceballs. Pour a shot or two of Blonde Whiskey over the iceball and garnish with a maraschino cherry and cinnamon stick. Twist an orange peel over the drink expressing all those essential oils out. Run the peel along the inside rim of the glass, then add it to the garnish. This makes a stout drink, but it melts so slowly so you can take your time. The drink becomes sweeter as the cider melts and makes it perfect for imbibing with a meal.

Spiced Apple Cider Old Fashioned by Natalie Paramroe


Troy and Sons Apple Cider Old Fashioned by Natalie Paramore


I can’t wait to make this  drink for my family, especially my mom who loves whiskey! I know she will love it. What are some of your favorite drinks for the holidays?



*This post contains affiliate links and I received a free bottle of whiskey. All opinions are my own, duh.*

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  1. Reply

    Nicola @ becausefoodislife

    November 25, 2014

    Wow, I’m having a hankering for a fall flavored Old Fashioned right now and I love how you’ve frozen the cider. I generally prefer stronger drinks and this is an excellent way to add a slight twist but still keep the drink strong. Thanks for sharing – I’m pinning this for reference!

    • Reply

      Natalie Paramore

      November 25, 2014

      Thank you for pinning Nicola! Glad to meet another lady who enjoys a stiff drinK!

  2. Reply

    Amy @ What Jew Wanna Eat

    November 27, 2014

    These are so sexy! Rour. Love the photos, and the whiskey. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Reply


    September 10, 2015

    omg! that looks SO So good!
    I would add a dash of bitters as that little “mph” of taste makes an Old Fashioned so distinctive.
    But i LOVE the frozen ball idea!


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